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Wedding Day | Getting Ready

Getting ready images are some of the most cherished photos from my couples wedding days. These capture you two preparing for the biggest day of your lives. Your mother helping you into your wedding gown, the best man fixing the grooms bow tie, mimosa cheers with your best-friends, exchanging special gifts from one another… I want to make sure your getting ready imagery is everything you hoped for and more!


When deciding on where you would like to get ready, I recommend choosing a getting ready space that is flooded with beautiful, natural light (big windows are super helpful!) and neutral white wall colors. Lots of light helps create soft, beautiful and timeless photos. It also allows me to shoot all the film!

It’s also important to take into consideration the size of your getting ready space. If you have a large wedding party I highly suggest you pick a space that can comfortably accommodate everyone. Remember you will have hair and makeup artists, me, possibly my second shooter and videographers. Rooms fill up quickly 😉 If your venue has a wonderful space – yay! If you’re getting ready at a hotel, consider splurging for the suite! Or I’ve also had couples rent Air Bnb’s out as well.

If you can, it’s amazing when you can find a location (separate of course) where you both can get ready. This helps save on time (resulting in more photos!) since I won’t have to take up any precious time driving to different locations.

If you are getting ready at a location other than your venue, It’s important to consider the proximity to the venue. You want to make sure it’s not too far – taking into consideration traffic and the overall time it takes to get to and from.

Tips & Suggestions:

  • Before your big day plan who you would like to assist you with getting into your gown. This can be your mother, sister, maid of honor, or a combination of all! This is a special experience that you want to share with someone close to you. By planning this ahead of time, it saves you from having to make this decision on the spot on your wedding day.
  • To ensure beautiful getting ready images on your wedding day, I encourage you to assign your maid-of-honor and best man or other reliable members of your bridal party to do a quick clean up of the getting ready spaces before I arrive and throughout the morning. This will immediately maximize the amount of time I can spend clicking my camera!
  • Make sure your bridesmaids and mother(s) are fully ready prior to you putting your dress on – this ensures everyone is camera ready while they are watching in awe and/or helping you into your dress. It’s helpful to communicate this time with your hair and makeup artists so they can plan accordingly as well.
  • Speaking of hair and makeup – I ideally like to capture you at the very end of this (rather than when you have one eyelash on!) I also recommend a buffer time of half hour when scheduling your hair and makeup finish time (before we put your gown on) – more often than not, hair and makeup can run behind so this saves us with the overall timeline.
  • When it’s time to put your dress on (yay!), refrain from putting any of your jewelry and shoes on. I love being able to photograph you during each stage of your “getting ready” process. Once your dress is on we will move onto your jewelry, shoes and veil!
  • If the space happens to have a lot of decor and “stuff” we can absolutely move things around to create a minimal atmosphere so nothing distracts the eye and YOU shine!

Cheers to love!

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