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Switzerland captured on film

My thoughts:

Switzerland is at the very top of my list for favorite countries I have visited. I want to go back already – and I rarely say that since there are so many other countries I want to see. But Switzerland is just unbelievable. The character, charm, food, people, history, mountains, lakes. EVERYTHING is amazing. & yes it is expensive! We truly felt at home here and my secret goal is to retire here one day 😉

Favorite memory:

Lauterbrunnen FOR sure. We rented a car for our time in Switzerland and I will never forget the moment we drove into the valley and saw the village for the first time. The mountains surrounding the town are just incredible. Especially when you see the waterfalls cascading down and the green meadows filled with the Swiss cows. Also, from Lauterbrunnen we took the cablecar up to the Swiss Alps and it was another magical moment. Breathing in the fresh, mountain air and actually being in the Alps – an experience I will never forget. 

Favorite food:

This is a tough one. Basically anything with cheese haha! Truly though, the cheese is bananas. If I eat cheese in the states my stomach immediately hurts but not in Switzerland. So eat it all friends! If I had to choose a favorite, we had an incredible dinner in Lauterbrunnen (add this to your must see list now!) with homemade creamy vegetable soup (the soups in Switzerland are extra amazing) fresh crusty bread, followed by a ham and cheese Rosti and a bottle of wine. Pure magic!

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